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‘The Discovery of the East Pole’ is published!

September 8, 2013

Higashi Kyouku no Hakken

The German ebook-version of my Nippon trilogy ‘Higashikyouku no hakken’ is published in four books – three parts of the trilogy and one complete edition – in Amazon Kindle Shop, Google Play Store, Apple iTunes (coming soon) and more than 150 further ebook-shops. On readers may find many documents and pictures illustrating this very first ‘true historical fiction’-novel. There are alltogether 8 galleries with more than 400 pictures, among them pics about my life with Japan.

More about the story and the evolution of the script in this post.

I am very happy with the four “theme spheres” that I have created for the book covers. On the cover of part I you see the golden chrysanthemum, the seal of the Japanese emperor, on the cover of part II it is the shape of Japan on a map of the 17th century and the cover of part III shows a dragon painted by Hokusai. The cover of the complete edition also shows a picture of Hokusai, the famous ‘Great wave of  Kanagawa’.

Part I: Shiboruto              Part II: Secret Maps             Part III: The Road to War

Entdeckung Ostpol_Cover_1Teil_Shiboruto_416x666Entdeckung Ostpol_Cover_2Teil_Geheime Landkarten_416x666     Entdeckung Ostpol_Cover_3Teil_Weg in den Krieg_416x666

Cover of the complete edition of the Nippon trilogy

Entdeckung Ostpol_Cover_GESAMT_1039x1665

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