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Interactive Streaming Takes Off in Japan

September 7, 2007

In April we founded our Japanese branch Audiantis Japan K.K. Since then we have developed a powerful network of business mentors, enablers and catalyzers. We have to be really grateful because we are so much supported by excellent people in Japan. In the meantime there is also a growing interest in our new core technology Interactive Audio Streaming ( Our iSound server is a groundbreaking innovation that enables more applications than we can oversee right now. It’s only the starting point. Our Japanese customers and partners are definitely more tech savy and open minded than their European counterparts. Well, I shouldn’t complain. I knew it and it was the reason for us to focus on the Japanese market since two years ago. But right now it’s the exciting moment when a new technology get really adopted. My partner Yuki Tanaka is doing a fantastic job in Tokyo with his team. We are looking forward to the first big projects that have just started. And we are surprised that they came up in really unexpected fields of business like politicians websites, Internet radio and wedding industry.

Audiantis in Space Dock


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